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Hi to all,

initially inspired by our resident ubergeek " Klem ", about a month ago, I persuaded my friend Rod Elliot of ESP to put together and publish a comprehensive discussion of the many complex issues with transformer coupled speaker loads as used in typical voice paging systems. Aka " Line Voltage PA " .

The result of our combined efforts may well be THE definitive article available on the net or elsewhere on the methods, design goals and many unseen hazards inherent in such systems.

The detailed discussion of the audio transformer saturation hazard ( and how to defeat it in practice) it is not something either Rod or myself have ever seen published elsewhere.

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Lotta words, read them all carefully.....

.... Phil

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Phil Allison
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Probably because it has so many errors? First of all it is 70.7 Volt, not 70 Volt, so all his calculations are crap.

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Michael A. Terrell


I don't intend to read it Phil, but if you're involved, it's probably THE definitive load of shit on the web seen in the last couple of years.


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"John-Delusional Troll "

** Be all way over your pointy head anyhow.
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Phil Allison

Nice syntax...

Did you do all your research on Wikipedia as usual Phil?


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The article was well written and answered a few questions I had about installing 70V (70.7V was referenced in the article early on) speaker systems.

I've only done a few of these over the years and have been lucky to have reasonable sound coming out at the end of the job.

Nice to know how to do it correctly, or at least good theory that can be argued with instead of opinions.

Lets reduce the flames here, and consider the desired result (an increase in knowledge) and go from there, otherwise this group often sounds like a elementary school yard and, as I'm not 8 years old any more, I for one am not going to play along...

John :-#)#

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