LCD display driver information

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I am working on restoring an old piece of equipment from the 80's and it ha
s a LCD display driver that I am trying to find out more information on.  I
ts a small 6 digit LCD display measuring 9 mm high by 24 mm long and has a  
character height of 6 mm.  Its a 7 segment display and the driver is press  
fit in to a plastic case.  The case keeps the driver circuit board and LCD  
pressed together and the contacts between the LCD and the board are carbon  
buttons. It takes a BCD input and runs on 5 volts DC.  There are three numb
ers on them but I can't seem to locate any information.  The numbers are "E
AO247REV." on one side of the circuit board and "MBO356 REV A" on the other
 side.  I can send photos if needed.

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