IFR1600 does not turn on help please

Hi. I have a IFR1600 service monitor that was working perfectly but now wil l not power on. I suspect that the power supply module has a stuck relay as last time it worked it would not turn off and I unplugged it to get it to turn off. Anyone have a schematic of the power supply and power up circuit? Or if you have run into this problem please feel free to offer suggestions . Thanks for your time and help.


Richard in NC

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IFR power supplies seem to be a problem. I have an IFR-1500, also with a power supply problem: The repair didn't last and it died again after about 2 years. I then replaced every semiconductor and capacitor in the AC power supply section trying to revive the PS but no luck. I'm now looking into a replacement brick power supply for AC only operation because I don't need 12V operation. Amazingly, the original PS still runs on 12V, which is the way I currently run it. You might want to check if yours also runs on 12V.

You should be able to find the necessary documentation here:

If you want to buy a power supply or have yours repaired:

Good luck and please let me know if you find anything in your power supply. I suspect the IFR-1600 might be similar to the IFR-1500 power supply design.

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Jeff Liebermann

I have a COM-120A which has an external power supply bolted to the back.

It was faulty already when I received it (probably baseband module needing capacitors) but while in storage awaiting attention the CPU board got tired also and the video went strange, followed by it not booting up at all. Although the RF path is probably ok enough, these had an 80186 that was woefully underpowered - the -B and -C introduced more powerful CPUs - so now I wonder if it's even worth attempting to resurrect it - though an acquaintance nearby has one on which he replaced the video board and made it go again. Just too much work needed for too little result.

Basically I can only ask folk to "vote with their feet" and stay away from manufacturers that don't release full service documentation including schematics. IFR was a bad example.

Clifford Heath.

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Clifford Heath

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