HP LaserJet 4050N

LaserJet 4050N with blank line lengthways down middle of each print, about

5mm wide. Only appeared after being unused for 3 months.

Service manual says I need to start replacing huge parts of the printer, but I was hoping for other ideas. I've dismantled it as far as I can and can't see any alien objects, or signs of wear.

Haven't started looking at main printing stage, as I wouldn't know where to start. Are there manuals that doc dismantling this sort of thing?

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Alasdair Campbell
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Take a look at:

formatting link

and the support forum at

formatting link

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Jim Land

On Sun, 14 Jan 2007 01:20:52 -0800, Jeff Liebermann Has Frothed:

I've repaired many HP lasers that were located inside industrial complexes. These required cleaning because of the environment they were in. Remove the laser box, open it up and clean the mirror.

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