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Hi people, Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem, and maybe you might know how to solve it :) The LCD module is the same one used in the VDO ms4100 navigation computer. The markings on it are:

LPI7436-2 Q0372214 (0 or O)

Its about 2.5 inches length and 1.5 inches height. Its part of a detachable display on the face.

A picture of the screen is available here

Thank you for any help!

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These displays are almost always custom made for the application. If you need a replacement, your best bet is to contact the parts dept. of the manufacturer.

Dave M
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Thanks for your response Dave, though thats obviously the first thing I tried... VDO never actually sold the face as a spare part and they don't sell any of the components, so you can't get them. Ive contacted the VDO departments here and in Germany (where they are made) and nobody is able to help me or tell me what the actual LCD module is :( You can't even get any schematics from VDO, as far as they are concerned the faulty LCD display on this particular unit is UNREPAIRABLE because they don't have the parts and they consider it to be a throw away item.

Makes me laugh when I read VDO's advertisements that say Future Proof.

Thanks anyway man

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