Help Finding GPX C971 Schematic?

Received a nonworking GPX C971 Cassette/CD Boombox for repair learning experience.

Used DVM to check Ohms on AC and DC connections Both were infinity for power switch off and on.

Am guessing the problem is a blown fuse.

Checked the forum using keywords "GPX C971" got nothing.

Googled using keywords "GPX C971 schematic" also nothing.

Am sure that the the schematic is on the Internet so would be interested in help finding it.



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But what isn't working?

I've had boomboxes that wouldn't work without batteries. They were needed to run the clock and remember the memories. I assumed they'd not be needed when plugged into the wall, but that wasn't the case. Sometimes they have a set of aa cells in there for that purpose, besides D cells that aren't needed if powered off AC.

I recall the radio didn't work without the batteries, I can't remember what else happened. But the radio is the easiest thing to check, and that may be the problem. I recall not seeing anything on the LCD display until I did put in batteries, but it's been a while.


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Michael Black

No surprise there.

GPX was probably an importer who bought stuff cranked out of chinese or korean factories and slapped their name on it.

It was real low end shit that mostly ended up in drug stores, flea markets and "wholesale distributors to the public".

If there was any service or repair on those, it probably was limited to bringing it back to where you bought it and crossed fingers they exchanged it or gave a refund.

You'll have to hunt and peck to make an attempt to repair it, but not sure what you'll learn from the experience except how low quality can something be made but if you put it in a fancy enough case, someone will buy it.


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Bruce Esquibel

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Guess I need to elaborate so will try.

Michael Black: I was unable to see anything turn on with either batteries or AC when pushed the power button On and Off a number of times.

What tests do you suggest I run?

Arfa Daily: "If the unit uses a 'figure 8' AC socket, this is the first place to look...." Again what tests do you suggest I run? Can I post a JPEG of the AC socket?

Bruce Esquibel: "not sure what you'll learn from the experience..." At this time do not know. If nothing else will use it for parts. Was surprised that it does not look like it was abused so am tending to agree "It was real low end shit..."

Am still surprised I can not find a service manual or basic schematic for GPX C971?

These have to be somewhere out there? Maybe under another Name?

Any ideas how to identify the Chinese Mfr?

Open to all suggestions.


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Highly unlikely there was ever a service manual for something like that.


It probably came out of a grade school.

You don't really need a schematic to fix a boombox, and if there was one, it would probably be wrong anyways.

Here's a checklist to start with- without even trying to be a jerk:

Does it power on? Is it plugged in? Is the cord good? Is there power making it to the power supply? Does the power supply work? If not, what's broken? replace bad part, try again -Or- fire t up with bench power supply. If other stuff is broken, just toss it unless it's of sentimental value.

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Cydrome Leader

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