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Hello My brother has an older TV set , the unit is Cable ready but no line level audio output , he uses the TV without a cable box or VCR , no easy way to hook up an external speaker , could simply run a wire out of his set to another speaker , some speakers are wired with one lug HOT , hate to have

115 v. running all over the house , he would like to be able to have headphones for private listening also , I looked at isolation trans. , resistors etc. , I guess he could use a VCR for tuner also , any thoughts would be appreciated . Phil L.
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JR North

model? if this one has only the rf input maybe it has the chassis not insulated from the 120v ac ....

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inty's world

JR North: If your 9 year old stereo Maganavox television design is a "hot chassis" type AND there are no audio output transformers going from the audio power output circuitry to the speakers then the external speaker wiring is "HOT" as Phil suggested and it is a real dangerous shock hazard. Have you determined if the above is true???

Phil: Yes, you are quite correct, usually the cheaper television designs without line level audio inputs/outputs are of the "hot chassis" type and the safest way to do this is to use a VCR as a tuner and patch the line level audio outputs from the VCR to and external amp and speakers.

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