HDTV has no "Analog Audio Output"

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My friend has a 42" LG Plasma HDTV (DU 42PX12X) it has only one audio put via digital "optical" output. I am trying to help him connect it to his amplified speaker system. The HDTV has one extra monitor RCA audio output but only works when you are watching standard TV and processor disconnects it on HDTV channels.

Checked with LG Electronics who advised as follows:

(1) When receiving digital TV signal then no analogue audio signal available from Monitor-Out, RCA connections (2) When receiving analogue TV signal then yes analogue audio signal available from Monitor-Out, but need to turn off internal speakers (3) Digital audio output available at Digital Audio Output (Optical)

I would have thought that it would be fairly simple matter to capture the analogue audio signal at the internal speakers, irrespective of whether the TV signal is digital or analogue.

I was thinking of trying to open the set and tapping off the speakers left and right with a simple voltage divider. I could ever make it a variable attenuator. Only problem is I don't have a schematic I want to make sure the audio output is not floating as I will have to ground one leg of the divider. I guess I could measure the resistance to ground on both sides of the speaker out to see if one side is grounded? Sure wish I new the correct procedure to access the speakers there is lots of screws all round the TV. This is first time I have had to work on a plasma TV.


He all ready has an nice amplifier and speakers and doesn't really care for Dolby Digital or surround sound and stereo would be fine.

He wants to operate his system via the TV (one) remote. If he purchases a home entertain system he will have one for TV and one for volume and one for DVD player.

I also know that you could purchase a universal remote, but it can be very costly ($300) and is headache to program.

Any comments

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In article , snipped-for-privacy@sympatico.ca (known to some as Biggy) scribed...

It is simple enough, if the set is designed to do it. However, you can thank the RIAA, MPAA, and their associated lawyers and lobbyists for their efforts towards closing the "analog hole" in favor of DRM (Digital Rights Management, better known as Digital Restrictions Mess).

The only thing that may turn that sort of crap around is a massive consumer boycott of HDTV equipment until sets are produced that allow the set owners to do as they wish with what they receive.

You can use a pair of audio isolation transformers (a 600:600 unit will probably work just fine), one for each leg. Hook up the primary straight across the speakers, and hook up the secondary to whatever amp you've got in mind. You can, if necessary, put the divider or attenuator on the secondary side of the transformers, thus protecting the set's internal amp.

I wish you good fortune in your project. It makes for compelling evidence that, with a little brainpower, you can still effectively tell the DRM-lovers to implode at their earliest convenience.

Happy tweaking.

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

Personally I would place the attenuator on the primary side so as to mimimise the distortion in the bridging transformer.


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Ian Bell

there's a chance they're floating, but an audio isolation transformer each would fix that.

Bye. Jasen

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Jasen Betts

Personally, I'd take the damn thing back to the store and tell them it's not fit for the purpose.

Clint Sharp
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Clint Sharp

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