Disconnecting "big red" from CRT?

I have posted about my 32 inch Toshiba TV over the last month or so and I have it torn apart and the circuit board unscrewed. The consensus is that I have bad caps in the vertical section or the IC is bad. I need to get the board all the way out to remove it from the plastic frame that it's mounted to so as to be able to unsolder and replace components. I shorted the large red to the tube so figure it's OK to disconnect it. Not wanting to break something and not knowing just exactly what kind of connection is under the rubber cup, I thought I would ask first. How does it come off? Thanks

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Roll up the edge of the cap and look, you'll see how it works. It has springy prongs that clip into a lipped metal cup set into the glass.

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James Sweet

But be sure to use well insulated pliers/screwdriver! LOL

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Terry F.

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