Chattering Sony Tape Deck

I have this nice Sony TC-K670 deck I bought a couple of years ago for recording from high-end sources, it's a great deck but it's had an annoying problem almost as long as I've owned it. After it's been on for a few minutes, something inside (probably one of the motors) starts to chatter loudly. It's an irritating, high-pitched sound as if something is in need of lubrication. It has no effect on the decks performance, it's just annoying enough that I can't stay in the same room with the thing. I had a TC-WR570 before this and it had the exact same problem, so I guess it's quite common on these. Is there an easy fix for this, or will I just have to be content to keep my distance? These things are murder to take apart and reassemble (three-motor PLL transport system) and I don't want to risk damaging something. Thanks.

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