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Personaly, I would give up on these printers. They are a disaster from the start! I had a number of them, and after all the headaches, I went over to HP. I never had these problems again!

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Hi. Does anyone have any knowledge of a consistant problem with no paper feed on BJCs. I've now seen 3 with this problem. There is no rotation of the rollers. Thanks.

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I also had a problem with a BJC 6000, it stopped feeding paper and looked like the roller feed assembly was F'ed up. I tried to fix it. ended up throwing it away and got a HP printer also. only good thing was the seperate ink tanks, where as the HP's use a single cartridge. one disadvantage of this, if one color runs out in the middle of printing, you are screwed. at least with the seperate tanks you could change it or refll it when it went empty (being clear made it a plus also so you can see inside)

HP needs to make low cost printers with individual tanks.

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You will find your HP too will have paper feeding problems, broken plastic parts, etc. after some usage. There is no such thing as a cheap printer that will actually perform like a more expensive one.

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my bjc 4300 started acting up, the print head would move erratically and jam....lubrication seemed Ok so i assumed it was the motor or mech. Hadnt the time to open it up (at least, not yet!) I now use a recyled HP 930c which is better. but havent tried to refill the hp 51645 cartridges yet.......


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When you do get around to refilling the 930s cartridges, do a google search first as there is some funny stuff that needs to be dealt with when refilling - damn good printer though - love mine.


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