Can someone answer thews questions

My name is channing. I love Carillons and I have some questions about electronic carillons my questions are:

  1. I have noticed most electronic carillons play only 2 songs is this because electronic carillons can only play 2 songs? 2. What is the differnce between the Maas Vibrachime and the chronobell? 3. I have noticed on most electronic carillons there is an AUX button is this because : 1. A keyboard can be hooked to an electronic carillon? 2. A tape player can be hooked to an electronic carillon? 3. A radio can be hooked to an electronic carillon? 4. Can electronic carillons be played Manually?
  2. What is random play on an electronic carillon like?

  1. What is Sequential Play on an electronic carillon like? 7. What is Specific song play on an electronic carillon like?

  1. How are metal Rods toned and tuned to sound like harp Bells, Flemish Bells and Celeste Bells? 9. What year did Maas Organ Company change its name to Maas-Rowe? 10. Does Paul Rowe of Maas-Rowe play an organ somewhere and play the Symphonic carillon keyboard also? I wold love to know some carillonneurs that play a symphonic carillon keyboard and e-mail them some questions and chat with them via messengers. 11. Has anyone ever thought of makeing a Live DVD video of someone playing a Symphonic carillon? 12. Has Paul Rowe ever heard of carillonneur Mabel Sharp who plays the Carillon at stone mountain park in Georgia?
  2. I have a disability called Autism-aspergers kind has anyone ever thought about makeing some symphonic carillon music to help with Autism research?
  3. Does the Symphonic carillon that is in the recording studio at Maas-Rowe look similar to this pictured below?

  1. Has Paul Rowe ever heard of the Name :Louis A. Maas of Los Angeles (Maas Organ Company)?

  2. Since Maas Organ Company changed its name to Maas-Rowe Are organs still built at what was once the Maas Organ Company?

  1. Have any famous performers played the symphonic carillon keyboard that is in the Maas- Rowe Recording studios?

18.Do you have any pictures of the Symphonic carillon keyboard that is in the Maas Rowe recording studio with someone sitting next to the Keyboard?

  1. Can Electronic carillons be donated to a town like for example I live in Matthews, North Carolina It would be nice if Matthews, North Carolina had an electronic carillon that played some westminister chime and carillon music?


Channing Ashbaugh

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Sound Samples Check out the Maas-Rowe website to hear a sample a carillon similar to ours.


The ASU carillon in storage.

In August, Maas-Rowe transported the carillon to its factory in Escondido, Calif., to begin the process of modernization and restoration - without asking a cent from ASU as a down payment.

Tempe Head Start children listen as ASU doctoral student Guy Whatley plays the Fabulous Fritts for them. The children first visited the temporary ASU carillon.

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I'll bet they call you Carillon Channing.

You know, there are an awful lot of ways to build an electr>


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An answer nonetheless. I have none at this time. Must be a syntheasizer or something here . . . . .


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