Blank screen, no menu, but perfect screen when unplugged (Samsung SyncMaster 151D)


I have a weird problem: my Samsung SyncMaster (DVI connection) has the following behaviour:

- when connected to the computer, green light is blinking, screen remains black (computer switched on or off)

- when connected and computer on, the computer recognizes the monitor (so there is some communication)

- when the DVI cable is not plugged in, the "no signal" box appears on the screen: perfect quality and it touches when bouncing the box almost every part of the screen, so the screen just works

- in all cases: menu does not work, when I press the button, nothing happens

Seems like a problem with the monitor as the menu isn't working either, so I expect the video card to be ok.

Is there anyone that had a similar problem before and knows how to deal with it?


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While I'm no expert, here is one possibility. There is a possibility of incompatibility between your display and the device you are connecting to it. For example, I wanted to hook up a DVD player to the DVI input on my ACER LCD screen. Unfortunately the monitor is not "HDCP" compliant, and the 2 do not talk to each other, as this is a 2 way link.

I can not tell you about the devices that you are trying to connect, just one possibility to look at. I also do not know anything about the various protocols.

As a friend used to say "Standards are great - There are so many to choose from."

Regards, Tim Schwartz Bristol Electronics

George wrote:

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Tim Schwartz

That would not explain why the menu can not be activated... Video card with DVI output and Ssmsung SyncMaster 151D have worked together in the past. Feels like somethings needs to be reset, as the screen, when displaying the "no signal" box, seems to work perfect (I wish I could display something else then the "no signal" message ;-) ).


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