Any point to a USB3 camera, for home use?

IIUC there is no point to trying to find a USB *THREE* port for a mouse or keyboard, right? USB TWO is plenty. Because so little data is transmitted.

What about a camera?

I know it uses a lot more, but even at the highest reolution, is it more than USB2 can easily transmit?

What about a camera whose video will never be showing on a anything bigger than a 20 or 24" monitor?

BTW, just for curiosity, do they sell at consumer prices a camera good enough to show a picture on a movie theatre screen. maybe 10 feet high by 30 feet wide. Would that be helped by USB3?

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micky wrote:OE

If I were going to this I would use Ethernet POE cameras and at least a

4 port POE switch. The cameras could then be 4k or better if you wanted that much resolution, plus night vision. I would not even consider USB.
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Paul in Houston TX

Here is an article reviewing some webcams and comparing to slightly better devices. The $50 webcam at the bottom does a surprisingly good job, but it is fixed focus and highly unlikely to serve any purpose except Zoom.

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