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Ive purchased a 32" sdtv sony vega trinitron tv My problem is with the digital broadcast sound in my area its too loud... i mean way too loud There's no sound and with one click of the control the volume is too loud to comfortably listen to and keep the baby sleeping. I know how to access the service menu so is there a code for master volume on this tv? I would like to pot the sound down a bit so the volume is easier to listen to also when are broad casters going to fix this? Iv read they have no way to control volume on digital braodcast tv. the analog sound is fine its just digital that causes a problem If there is no code i may unplug the speakers and wire my own rca out jack in back and run it to my radio so i have better sound control with no sound from the tv speakers A second question: because this tv has no audio out is there any way to use the service menu to alter the video 2 audio jack inputs to be outs rather than in's. I hope thats not a stupid question but you never know with all the features they offer now adays any way if it helps the model number is KD-32fs170 any help would be great

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You've read wrong - sound levels are controlled (or not ;-)) in exactly the same way be it digital or analogue.

There is a problem in the way some broadcasters/manufacturers implement levels between analogue and digital, though. Analogue will usually peak to the maximum possible, while digital may be left with some headroom. This can result in the levels being different on identical source material.

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