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Re: Z80


Man, does anyone still use these things?  The Zilog-Z80 was the first CPU
I ever programmed, in my humble trash-80 model one...many moons ago.

Re: Z80

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and no other CPU has lasted that long.
There are still Z80 CPU's being made today.
btw. I also have some Xperience with Z80 but I know that it isn't the first

Re: Z80

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I remember asking Zilog for an "end-of-life" expectation for the Z80 in
consideration for a new design in the 1985 timeframe.  They immediately
responded "at least 10 years", and they were being cautious.  Time has
proven the design to be very useful, even today.

BTW, no other vendor would give such a long-term outlook at the time... not
Intel, not Motorola, etc.


Re: Z80

noone napisaƂ(a):
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Yep, although modified version, eZ80

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