Atmega8 to drive a motor

I looking at driving a half amp 12v pump from an atmega8 or 168
through a mosfet. What is the recommended mosfet for this application? I
have done heaps of snooping online but am getting quite bamboozled.
Thanks in advance, regards
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The Cool Dude
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"The Cool Dude" wrote in news:P8Wdnc65b9hUCeTVnZ2dnUVZ
Any MOSFET that can drive a half amp should do. Find any online parts dealer, like digikey, search for mosfets, and sort by current. Every one of these searches shows you how many are currently in stock. The ones with lots of stock are the ones people use.
This might sound like a "figure it out for yourself" post, but its what I would have to do to help you out, and you're better off learning how to pick parts.
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Scott Seidman
sound advice, thanks for you help Scott, I have order a couple of different mosfets to try
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The Cool Dude

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