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Anyone know if any group still talking about Motorola MC68HC705..  
MC68HC05 microcontrollers?

Bill Rueth

Re: 68hc05
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I worked with them for 15+ years.
I didn't dump Motorola until they became "Freescale" and decided that  
unless you were buying a million units for some cell phone they did want  
to talk with you.
If you have any questions I will do my best to help.
I worked in 6805 and 68HC11 assembly and C.


Re: 68hc05
On 08/08/2013 11:59 AM, WangoTango wrote:
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Any one know of a current repository of old Motorola / Freescale  
software, printed instructions, programming tools. I have most of the  
software from the Freescale site, but lack some printed / software for  
development systems I have.

I have both "printed docs & software" for a Motorola M68HC05PGMR  
development board.
I lack any "printed docs & software" for a Motorola M68HC705CICS  
development board.
I would like to migrate software from M68HC705C8A dip to  
Bill Rueth

Re: 68hc05
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I don't know of any one stop shopping for all that old stuff.  
Your best bet is to google and doggedly look at cached pages.
Most "Development" boards just consist of some generic hardware for you  
to  bang on the MCU in a known environment.  I suggest you layout your  
own boards and have at it.  You'll learn much more.

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