89c430 timed access for upper memory

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I am using the DS89c430 microcontroller and I wish to use part of the flash
memory to store up to 32 values which I can change when necessary.
According to the data sheet it has In Application Programming available.
I cannot find sufficient info on doing this.
Here is what I have found so far but does not work when I read back:

   wtee : mov   ta,#0AAh               ;timed access
          mov   ta,#55h                ;timed access
          mov   fcntl,#0Bh             ;control reg for write
          mov   fdata,#3Fh             ;upper flash msd
          mov   fdata,#00h             ;upper flash lsd
          mov   fdata,#11h             ;data to write
          nop                          ;delay to wait for finish
          ljmp  loop                   ;back to outer loop of prog

    rdee: mov   dptr,#3f00h            ;address I wrote in flash
          clr   a
          movc  a,@dptr                ;read byte from mcu flash
          mov   dptr,#2000h            ;external ram save data
          movx  @dptr,a                ;save
          ljmp  loop

When I check the memory location it is still FF
Any ideas or help would be greatly apreciated.

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