whitepaper: Best Practices in Embedded Linux. Comments?

I found this whitepaper today discussing Embedded Linux best practises:

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Anyone else seen it? It's very new!

I'm about to start my first Embedded Linux project, porting Nucleus code. This paper suggests I'm about to run into problems.... so I'm interested in what others think about the paper. There is also a discussion forum on the Katalix site, but not many posts yet.

Is the paper representative?

Thanks! Paul

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Paul Wakeman
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I'm using Nucleus Plus too. I think hard realtime is a must have.

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Zhenhuan Du

The paper does mention hard realtime. However, I'm not so concerned about that because I don't have hard realtime in my Nucleus app. The paper says that mapping RTOS calls to POSIX APIs (threads, mutexes etc) and implementing the RTOS system in one Linux process is a mistake. True?

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Paul Wakeman

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