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I'm so interested in Operating Systems and Embedded Systems. I have
basic knowledge about both of them. But I want to go deeper. I asked
before same questions. But the answer was not enough. Let's start from

I have made some experiment on Microchip's PIC like light LEDs. Which
Microcontroller is the  most used or which is good to start? My
target(or dream) is to port linux to my embedded device. (I know it is
difficult for me to make this now. But I said it is a dream :(  )

I have planned to work on this in all summer. So there is so much free
time to search, read books & documents. Can you advice some books and
web sites?


Re: Where to start?
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There are many to choose from. I would suggest www.embeddedarm.com and
their little product (the TS-7200). Unless you have to ship it overseas
and then I don't know what to tell you.
There are several linux hacks out there using off the shelf equipment
from Linksys and such like the NSLU2. A lot of work has been done with
it. I think there is a lot done with the linksys WRT54G as well.

You can't put Linux on a PIC, but you can make a lot of very usefull
interfaces using a linux target and a PIC front end. The pic handling
the fast events and spoonfeeding them to the linux machine in "near"
real time.

Embedding linux is a matter of getting it to run on a certain smallish
target with minimal resources (not a lot of memory). Another operating
system platform to try this with would be NetBSD.

There are some toys and topics.

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