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You buy a PC104 linux board that uses RedBoot boot loader.  You then
redefine an alias but remove the quotes around it, and when you try to fix
it by adding the quotes back or even escaping them the parser won't read
them properly...so you look online and find that this problem has existed
in RedBoot since 2001.  No telling why a release made in 2006 doesn't
contain a fix for it YET. Of source the linux board vendor doesn't
distribute the RedBoot sourcetree that they build their images
with...Anyone feel my pain, or annoyance?

Anyone know how to enter quotes on the RedBoot command line?

RedBoot> alias cmdline "this wont work"
RedBoot> alias cmdline \"neither will this\"
RedBoot> alias cmdline ""or even this""


RedBoot> exec -c "%"

as a workaround also barfs

And one boot loader to rule them!  Long live Das U-boot!

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