Translations of errno (perror/strerror) messages

I've been trying to get translations for errno errors. perror/strerror don't seem to respond to locale settings even when other text is in German (say). I'm looking for translations in German, French, Spanish, Italian and ideally Japanese Katakana.

Mostly I have been using Ubuntu 6.10 i386 for this. I would have thought that 'No such file or directory' would have been one of the first messages translated. Presumabley I'm doing something wrong.

I set LC_MESSAGES to de, de_DE, de_DE.utf-8 etc. use, setlocale(LC_ALL,"") to set according to environment variables and then use strerror to get the error messages.

If I set LC_MESSAES as above and then delete a non-existent file with rm test, I get a German error message about test followed by 'No such file or directory' in English.

Please, has anyone got an idea what I'm doing wrong, or a pointer to translations of perror/strerror messages?

Regards, Peter

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Peter Dickerson
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