Timing Measurements for a Context Switch

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I am making a simulator for which i  need to do some performance
analysis . The measurements i need to take are :

1. The time a context switch takes for execution. Does this vary
greatly depending on the machine arch. ?

2. There is a block with if statements within a for loop . Is there a
way to measure them to a finer resolution so that the time obtained is
in some comparison to the context switch ?

Actually doing a comparison between a tradeoff between 1 and 2. Are
there any built in linux system calls for this ? Do i have to use a
tool ? Have heard of a tool called lmbench, but not used it .


Re: Timing Measurements for a Context Switch

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http://www.bitmover.com/lmbench /

OProfile may also help, if it has been ported to your arch.

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