timer interrupt (IRQ0) and IRQ4

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I run cat /proc/interrupts on Feodra 18 x86_64 machine, and I  
get these results (after 1 hour the machine is up)

 0:        127          0   IO-APIC-edge      timer
 4:          1          1   IO-APIC-edge  

question 1:  
  we see 127 timer interrupts on core 1. It seems that these 127 interrupts  
occur immediately in boot or in a short while afterwards, as it  
seems that they are not progressing. Why do we need at all this timer  
(on IRQ0) ? there is an apic timer: cat /proc/interrupts shows that  
it is incrementing all the time:
cat /proc/interrpts | grep LOC:
LOC:     288967     289350   Local timer interrupts

question 2:  
what is interrupt 4 ? it does not show any description.Also, there is  
only 1 interrupt on it (on both cores).


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