The $50 7" tablet stampede

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The $50 7" tablet stampede

The $50 7" tablet stampede for Android running on Linux
is threatening/has started to obliterate all other products.

OMG! :-(

Basically Far East makers are unlikely to give you
support for any other competing products white
they are snowed under with $50 7" tablet demand.

2013 may kill a lot of projects and the fallout may not
be pleasant for anybody. Look to EU for SoCs
if you want to keep projects alive.

The EU has to kick start OLED production if they
really really want to be in the manufacturing game
of the future and not be shut out like this from
Far East developments.

may become another source for alternative SoCs that can
be built without any proprietary hardware.
This could solve both the SoC support problem
and open graphics accelerator problem for the long
run if enough time
and money got invested into its various projects.

Another project where thousands of developers are
coming together to solve the completely open
source SoC problem:

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