SP Widget software usefull for silicon power USB flash drives

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Silicon Power USB Flash Drives Now Come SP Widget Featuring Norton
Internet Security 2010

For more informations pls check below link:

As one of the industry's leading manufacturer, Silicon Power announces
the incorporation of SP Widget on all of their USB flash drives. The
new SP Widget is a free download and is smarter and easier to use than
Smart Kit (previous SP application software). The new SP Widget can
maximize your SP USB flash drive's potential by making data storage
more intelligent and convenient!

Combining hardware and software to maximize each other's potentials,
Silicon Power is set to revolutionize the application of USB flash
drives. Silicon Power's SP Widget features seven main functions, such
as My documents / Synchronization & backup, Folder backup (including
My favorites), Email backup, AES 256bit data encryption, Norton
Internet Security 2010 and PC-lock. Through a few simple setup steps,
Silicon Power's SP Widget will turn your USB flash drive into an
intelligent storage machine backing up all your important data.

One of the most commonly used functions on a USB flash drive is data
transfer and backup. Users can backup "My documents" or designate any
other folder(s) to backup between the PC and USB drive for effective
and convenient management. This provides users with a convenient and
effective way to manage PC / USB flash data. If you want to take your
emails in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express Mail, the Email backup
function is perfect for you. The backup not only allows you to take
your emails with you, it also serves as a emergency restore backup!
The main issue of computer data today is privacy! In the case where
you've lost your USB flash drive, the AES 256bit encryption will
provide maximum protection against unauthorized access.

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