Running out of CF disk space

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I 'm working on a CPCI  board  with   Slackware-10.2 linux installed
on a 1GB Compact Flash  . I tried to use the CF as  a  hard disk and
didn't make any  ramdisk   file system .
I wrote a kernel module  as device driver of an fpga on another board .
When I insert and run  the kernel module  to do pci dma  for  100 K
times  -each time 80 Kbytes is transferred - then remove the module
,the CF diskspace is decreasing about 300Kbytes ?
Where should I look , actually I'm opening the device and  dont ' close
it but I 'm removing the module ?

Re: Running out of CF disk space

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If I'm not mistaken, the module will not be removed if there is any
In hope that the activity will stop, the module will be removed for further
accesses, but the ongoing ones are able to finish (to prevent data loss).
You should close your device first.

May be I understood you wrong, but why don't you close the module?


Re: Running out of CF disk space
I found  that a file is getting bigger and bigger, /var/logs/syslog
I  have about ten  printk lines  in kernel module an each line is about
20 characters .When I run it in loop 100K times 200 *100K 20%Mbytes
message is logged into syslog . This is the explanation of  running out
of CF disk space.

Sebastian yazdi:
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Re: Running out of CF disk space

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You should on embedded systems start a ramdisk anyway because the system
will crash after a certain time anyway because of your /tmp directory (too
many write operations). Although cf disks can have lots of write
operations, linux can easily reach this number.
Perhaps a solution for your module /var/log problem: Remove all these printk
statements and use a fifo device for debugging. In user space you open this
device and read the strings

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