regular expression handling... regexec() and regcomp()?

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Hi all,

I'm writing a piece of network software that will run on an embedded box,
and as luck would have it I haven't much time to test my program on the
target hardware before we have to start deploying, so I was hoping if
someone could alert me to any potential pitfalls with regexec() on a
resource starved platform, especially since I've had zero prior experience
with them? (by "them" I mean the regexec() and regcomp() calls, as well as
the target hardware!)

Assuming the messages I receive will be consistently formatted and I can
write strstr()/strtok()/strchr() etc based code that works, from a
performance standpoint which approach would generally be regarded as more
suitable for an embedded project?

The targets will be a mix of initially picobsd (sorry for minor OT!) and
eventually linux based devices.

Thanks for any and all advice!


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