reading /proc/i2c-0 error

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I got some devices on an I2C bus and I have successfully communicated
with these devices. However when I do a 'cat /proc/i2c-0', I get cat:
Read error: Invalid argument.

I also get an error when I try to set the slave address for the device
using ioctl(fd, I2C_SLAVE, 0x50).

I noticed that someone had also experienced the same problem with their
2.4 kernel, which I am also using. The claim was that this is due to a
bug in the 2.4 kernel, in i2c-core.c.

Can someone point me to the bug fix so that I can patch it into my


Re: reading /proc/i2c-0 error
hm, I've been using the i2c bus on a 2.6 kernel without any problem.  I
could post my source if you like.  But I'm not sure if it would be any

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