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You can simply tell the kernel to mount the root read-only. Just create /tmp and /var ramdisks (tmpfs). It's also a good idea to extract the /etc on ramdisk too (form a "factory" archive located on the read-only partition). On most boards that I develop the root is cramfs (read-only) and contains only stuff that should not be chaged by the end-user/client.

Hi everyone, > > I have to create a bootable CD-ROM for our embedded Linux system. > I followed the steps as documented in the following link > >
formatting link
> > However the boot procedure always fails when the kernel tries to mount its > root system. The kernel reported the error code -30 which indicates > that the reason for the failure is that the CD-ROM is read-only. > > How can I pass a writable root file system to the Linux kernel? > Is there way to let Linux kernel to use a read-only file system? > > Any help and tips will be greatly appreciated > > > James X. Li > > > >


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