How you can tell someone is a pirate.

How you can tell someone is a pirate.

Parrot on shoulder.

If they have a peg leg.

If they utter arrrg.

If they have an eye patch.

If they're picked in the Indian Ocean and flown 12,000 miles to be given justice by the ACLU.


We'll see!

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In those waters? If you are in a small craft and number more than three, and you do not have a boat full of fishing poles, but instead carry guns... You should go to the bottom along with your boat. PERIOD!

That IS the test... That IS the trial!

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Or they had a 'Bell's Palsy', and need to protect the eye while it heals. It is no fun, and takes months.

You can\'t have a sense of humor, if you have no sense!
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Michael A. Terrell

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