Re: How to avoid corrupt inittab!

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The decision is made from either a web interface or a script/program
from a telnet/debug port session.
For example i want to be able to choose to use NTP or not and add this
to automatic start.
The rc-scripts are placed in a read-only filesystem so i can't
write/change anything there while linux is up and running.
Also i want the INIT process to take care of the start-up of programs
and i think it only parses through inittab.

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Re: How to avoid corrupt inittab!
Hallo Goran, (Goran) schrieb in

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Starting programs from the inittab is mostly not a good idea, because
there is no shell context. You should prefer starting things from rc-
scripts or, as i did, from an application bootloader, which looks in
a seperat file, what to load. This prgram is started from inittab.

Regards, Kurt

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Kurt Harders
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Re: How to avoid corrupt inittab!
Usually this is done with rc scripts.

Here a single file is called in the beginning and same defines one or
more environment variable values (e.g. a RunLevel or something you
define in a propriety way). This can be used by the following scripts to
do decisions.


Re: How to avoid corrupt inittab!
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i have used runlevels to decide what daemons etc. should be started.
the biggest advantage of runlevels are, that you can change the
running programs during your running systems...

it is very useful, if you have x11 installed on a simple linux-box and
you only want to use it for administration purposes...
3 lines to enter and you have a "normal" system for your work ;o)


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