Power Shutdown..

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Power Shutdown..

Currently my system has AC-DC industrial Power supply and on/off power
I have a R-W partition on which I write my data all the time. When
some one switch off the system it just goes down without proper
software shutdown.

I would like to implement a pushbutton which can switch on and switch
off the system. Specifically on switch off it should unmount all the
drives and shutdown it self.

Am I right to say; I need both ATX computable board and Power supply
to do this , or is there any other way of doing it.

I am using right now AT PC104+ stack, which has ACPI but not ATX.

Actual goal is to bring the system down properly and not by just
cutting of the power so it don't damage the drive and data on R-W

Any decent solution????



Re: Power Shutdown..
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I'd connect the pushbutton switch to a transistor, so one of your
Digital IO lines can be monitored for a 'soft_swithch'. Upon
activation of this soft_switch, you would write a bit to a register.
Another piece of code would read the status bit out of the register
and use it to determine that you need to run

umount *

or what ever you want. Upon reboot, you need to clear this status bit
outof the register.

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