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I received the following email out of the blue. I'm not interested, for
multiple reasons, but I thought somebody out there might be. I have
written some linux shell scripts for use with Arduino, but never code for
the Arduino itself. Arduino could do items #2 and #7, and possibly #3,
#4, and #6, but I have no idea about the other items. Anyone interested
in this?
From: phil galati
Date: Feb 19, 2009. 6:19 PM
Subject: Software Design

I have a couple of designs and I think the Arduino should work.
I don't write software and I would like to know if you would.
I am looking to make a battery charger that that will do the following;
1. Charge to from a 120VAC input source. I will also need code  to change
the output voltages to 48VDC,  
    72VDC, 96VDC, 120VDC or  144VDC all with the same 120VAC source
    Amperage will change with each voltage pack
2. Monitor Temperature in 4 locations
3. Have a low voltage cut off for each of the voltage groups
4. Have a high voltage cut off for each of the voltage groups
5. Have a trickle charge mode for each group
6. Have LED outputs on all above operations
7. Programmable from a PC
I will get the hardware for the project. I just need you to write the
software and make any recommendations
I have two other projects on the board. I would like to start with  this
Please let me know if you can do this. I would like to know a time table
and costs.

Philip Galati
Vice President
Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions

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