partitioning a flash drive when running from it

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We are trying to run our embedded software from the compact flash.
I have a basic stripped version of linux (blosh), which loads up  upon
power up, and then loads up the our kernel and our root file system
with our applications

so the blosh resides in first and second partion and actual kernel and
rfs/apps reside in partition 3 and 4 on compact flash.

we need to upgrade the firmware over the network. for this to work,
blosh receives updates over the network, and repartition the original
partitions [partition 3 and 4]. and get the kernel and rfs over the
network and installs them onto those partition.

but we are having difficulties in executing this. as blosh/kernel/RFS,
everything is run from same physical deivce, It does not let us do any
of this [repartitions, or rewriting, or mounting] as it complains that
the device is busy.

Is there a way around this.

Re: partitioning a flash drive when running from it

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I think the following should work, but someone else should confirm, as im
not sure it's possible to do the chroot and unmount thing. Anyway, create a
ramdisk, copy the needed tools and libraries to it, chroot, unmount the
flash device. and do the upgrade.

Lasse Jensen [fafler at g mail dot com]
Linux, the choice of a GNU generation.

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