obtain ARP header from 'sk_buff'


kernel 2.4.20 in embedded system. In my driver I need to access ARP header fields, including MAC addresses; unfortunately in include/linux/if_arp.h those specific fields are commented (I gueess this is right, as the hardware addresses might have different lengths depending on network type). So I've tried this trick -- defined my own 'arp_hdr' structure in my code with necessary fields:

struct arp_hdr { /* all the fields taken from include/linux/if_arp.h */ /* and additionaly these*/ unsigned char ar_sha[ETH_ALEN]; /* sender hardware address */ unsigned char ar_sip[4]; /* sender IP address */ unsigned char ar_tha[ETH_ALEN]; /* target hardware address */ unsigned char ar_tip[4]; }

int my_func(struct sk_buff *skb) { struct arp_hdr *arph;

arph = (struct arp_hdr *)skb->nh.raw;

/* now print out the contents of the ARP header, but I get garbage */ }

Why do I get garbage and waht is the right way to do what I want?

Thanks in advance!

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