networking with an embedded computer (fwd)

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Sorry, I am cross posting this from alt.comp.linux because I haven't been
getting a response.  Maybe you guys are a better crowd to ask.


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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 16:39:34 -0400 (EDT)
Newsgroups: alt.comp.linux
Subject: networking with an embedded computer

I have a control setup that someone else set up to run.  I have Redhat on
the host computer and Timesys on the embedded.  The Timesys is using the
Redhat for its hard drive.  There is a serial and ethernet connection
between the two, but I think that only the ethernet is used in the current
set up.  I need to transmit a large amount of data from the embedded on
idle times so I need the ethernet connection.  I need to get data from my
host (Redhat) computer, but only have a floppy functional at this time.

I searched on google and came up with useless links.  (maybe because I
don't know the lingo)

I don't want my embedded computer to worry about other traffic or
maintaining a firewall or interacting with the outside world other then
the host.  BUT I would like to set up my host to use the network.  They
currently communicate through a dedicated hub.  Is there a recommended
setup that I should use?  Where might I find more info on this setup?

final note on this issue is that I have a CD burner that isn't set up
right now.  Would I have a drastically easier time setting this up?  (this
would be less prefered and I hope to make this work when I get up to speed
on Linux)

Same system different problem:
How do I list availible addresses on the embedded computer?  This is in
respect to installing a new PC104 card.



Re: networking with an embedded computer (fwd)
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Your best bet if I understand the setup properly is to put another network
card into the Host PC - attach this to your live network. Setup the default
route to point to this network/the external router on it. Setup a static
route for the IP address/range for the embedded device on the original
network card. This way the Host can talk to the outside world and the
embedded system, but the embedded system can only talk to the Host, and the
outside world can't talk to the embedded system.


Re: networking with an embedded computer (fwd)

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I am currently using this exact setup, with the exception that I have
the host system disconnected from the lan for now. If you are using the
standard timesys setup where you mount an rfs that sits on the host,
then anything the host copies to the rfs will be shared with the target
   thru nfs. The same is true in the opposite direction.

The two card multi-homed solution sounds like the way to isolate remote
files on the target, but I don't know how this will protect nfs shared
files on the host if that is what you're after.

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