How to leave interrupt state?

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I'm busy debugging a broken harddisk driver of an embedded device and
have traced down the error condition. In the irq-handler there is a
race condition that can lead to another irq of the same type being
issued while the irq-handler hasn't terminated yet (only a few ns or us
missing...). Since an irq cannot be interrupted by an irq of the same
level, the irq gets lost and things start to go wrong badly. Now I'm
not at all a kernel-guru so I need to ask for a tiny thing that should
solve this problem: in a 2.4 kernel, how do I leave irq-level (without
doing a "return") so that the irq-handler get interruptible? In
assembly this would just mean to clear the irq-bit in the processor's
status register (talking about ARM) but I don't know how to do this in
C. Surely there is a kernel function for this?

Thanks a lot,

Re: How to leave interrupt state?

A kind kernel maintainer has helped me with this. He told me that there
was no such function. So I changed the implementation and now use the
traditional bottom-half approach. And suddenly it works fine (surprise,
surprise). I don't know why the original author of the module didn't do
this in the first place...


Re: How to leave interrupt state?

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How do you know this? By far the biggest problem of missing interrupts
is to spend way to long in the interrupt routine. In 2.4 use a bottom
half for your long term processing. If you truly have an interrupt
less than a few microseconds after another one, then something
different is wrong.
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This would be a bad idea. How would you ever exit the interrupt
routine? Hard disks are really slow compared to a processor. You are
doing something else wrong (this is not the droid you are looking for
"starwars 1 or 4 depending on how you count").
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There is no "x" in my email address.

Re: How to leave interrupt state?

Steve Calfee schrieb:

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Well, the code starts writing to the hdd registers on irq-level,
enables the irq. And under some circumstances I get timeouts for the
interrupt although according to the hdd's status registers everything
was fine. So if the interrupt never got to the irq-handler, to me the
only reason would be that it is blocked by the code still running on

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And I guess getting the next request from the ide-layer is way too long
to spend on irq-level... ;)

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Now I do and everything is fine. I hesitated to do so because the
original driver author wrote in a comment in the source code that he
preferred his (strange) mechanism over a bottom-half because it was
faster and speed was critical. It's not true.

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Just taking the usual exit. At least from my assembly-based and limited
understanding this should work fine as it will restore the original
processor status. And it wouldn't matter if we did that from irq-level
or already on normal level.

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First, the processor is really slow, too. And I suspect this situation
to appear when there is data in the hdd cache. So the interrupt could
get there fast, I guess. But anyway, now with the bottom half
everything is fine and no need to wonder what actually went wrong... :)


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