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Re: Linux-compatible OEM fingerprint reader
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Most that I have read recently suggests that (at least consumer level)
fingerprint ID/security is a waste of time now and for the immediate
future.  Just a sales gimmick rather than offering any added security.
There's a guy in Japan who's been defeating these things on a regular
basis with gelatin moulds.

plus of course with a linux boot CD and NT/XP password changer, physical
access to a machine basically means that all bets are off.


Re: Linux-compatible OEM fingerprint reader
The Targus Defcon Authenticator will work with Linux if you write the
driver.  The specs for the Entrepad AES4000 (the chip that this uses) is
available online.  it explains everything.  getting info from the chip isn't
the problem.  It's what to do with it!!!!

No company I contacted will help or release anything for comparing
fingerprints.  I found a small SDK kit for image identification that a
company put out to also compare fingerprints but they haven't contacted me
back.  You can always use winelib to link into a DLL or windows executable.
If you find a windows program or SDK that can accept a fingerprint over the
network or whatever than you can write a driver for Linux in a matter of

Problem is not getting the data (companies are being very open, SEARCH!) but
as for HOW To perform analysis of fingerprints, nothing!  There are some
startup projects but none has the ability to do comparison (only
refinement).  As soon as comparison methods appear in the open it will take
off in the UNIX world.  The devices are easy but if you can't use the data
you have it's worthless, that's the case with biometric devices.  once I
have my data then what???

Also in case you didn't look type "fingerprint" into  a
person has already created a driver for a certain USB fingerprinting device.
But again that's as far as it goes for using it.

Also with regards to defeating them, you can't defeat thermal and capacitive
chips (like the AES4000 line) with molds.  requires heat from human hand
(within the right ranges) or, in the second, a substance that has the exact
electrolytic properties as human skin.  find that in a gelatin mold!  CMOS
camera sensors can be defeated by this method.   Also about the boot
thing... that's the reason these companies ask that you reset your boot
procedure to hard drive first and put a setup password on laptops.  For
desktops they do stress that if some one gains access to the interior of the
computer all bets are off.  they offer suggestions and tools to physically
secure the case so you can't open it to jump the password and by controlling
the software environment they can try to keep BIOS wipers (password killers)
from being loaded to defeat the BIOS password by an authenticated normal

-Josh K.

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