How to make Linux based CD Duplicator

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Hi All,
I am searching for Linux binaries which can be fitted into a floppy
and used for making a CD duplicator using old Pentium PC.
I have following component which are sufficient to make it.

Pentium III 433 MHz
1.44" Floppy drive
1 52x CDROM,
1 52x CDWriter(Samsung)


Re: How to make Linux based CD Duplicator (Praveen) wrote in message
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We don't have floppy image for that, but we do have an IDE-CF 4M flash
drive for doing this.  We use the following:

Pentium 200 MMX
IDE-CF 4M on primary master
Source DVD (upto 5 different CD images) on secondary master
Destination CDR on secondary slave

IDE-CF Flash Drive at

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