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i need to write an application for an arm-linux sbc to interface with a device over rs-485. it is just point-to-point communication and doesn't use any of the multipoint communications ability of rs-485.

could anyone pls. tell me where i can find information about linux and rs-485?

thanks in adavnce, Deva Seetharam

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Russell Shaw

AFAIK, RS-485 is a hardware specification to be used on top of (e.g.) V-24 (aka asynchronous serial interface). RS-485 can also be used for synchronous protocols (e.g. HDLC). So I don't understand your question. Could you rephrase more specific ?

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Michael Schnell

Use the standard serial protocols that are used on rs-232 ports and you will do just fine. The RS-485 standard specifies the hardware that is used and not the communications protocol. RS-232 is more susceptible to noise than RS-485 and RS-485 can be used over greater distances than RS-232.

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Allan Butler

Get an RS-232 to RS-485 convertor from say, B&B Electronics at

formatting link
Then write code that opens the serial ports and does serial things like would using RS-232.

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Alex Pavloff

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