Job opportunities for Linux developers in the Boston area

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I sincerely apologize if this is an inappropriate forum for this post.
I could not find any groups where job openings for linux developers
were posted.

The company I work for, Airvana Incorporated, has openings for
experienced linux developers in the Boston area. We are a telecom
company in the 3G space ( ). We make CDMA 1xEV-DO
base stations. We are about 4 years old, pre-IPO, and commercially quite

The specific job description is given below. If you are interested,
please mail your resume to me. (Remove the # characters
from the e-mail address given below, I don't want spammers
harvesting my work address.).


Gopal Harikumar

Job description
This person would play a leading role in the
development of a Linux-based device that would
be part of a new feature suite that Airvana is
currently developing to support the next generation
of the 1xEV-DO standard.
Such a person should have the following skills:
*) Thorough knowledge of the Linux environment.
     (Ex: kernel modules, kernelspace/userspace distinctions,
        filesystems, system administration etc) .(MUST)
*) Expertise with developing complex applications in the
        Linux environment. (MUST)
*) Expertise in multithreaded programming in a Linux
        environment. (MUST)
*) Expertise in IP networking in general, and
        the Linux implementations thereof in particular. (MUST)
*) Familiarity with commonly used data structures/algorithms (MUST)

*) Knowledge of C/C++, Python. (MUST)
*) Expertise in the use/configuration of commonly available
        software packages, especially Apache,
        firewalls. (MUST)

*) Expertise in comunication protocol implementation (DESIRABLE)
*) Familiarity with security issues as relates to the
        Linux environment (DESIRABLE)
*) Expertise in embedded programming in general, and
        using Linux in particular (DESIRABLE)
*) Familiarity with VxWorks (DESIRABLE)

*) Knowledge of CDMA protocols (DESIRABLE)

*) BS or equivalent in CS/EE. (DESIRABLE)

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