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Hi, i made a UART AVR microcontroller programmer, and also made a C
program on an old computer to interface it. I accessed COM1 via IO
memory space address 0x3F8 to 0x3FF but in a notebook without serial
COM port, cant do that. I bought a USB -> COM (supposed to be FTDI
chip based) but i don't know how to interface it in C or C++. Y tried
a Windows based COM communications program to test the FTDI and works
OK. But in linux when i send a command char: # echo '0' >> /dev/
ttyUSB0 the red led on my board becomes on indicating command error on
the UART interface. And also if i do so from C with an fopen("/dev/
ttyUSB0","rw"); fpuc(0x30,.....); red light flashes again... And no
response on getc... no answer...
Thank you for your time... ^^

Re: interface FTDI ttyUSB0 schreef:
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What do You mean with "programmer"? Does it contain it's own controller
that does the programming or does it rely on the timings of the RS232
port? In the latter case, usually, if not always, these converterchips
do not work.

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I am not familiar with Linux programming but did You configure the RS232
port correctly? I mean baudrate, start/stop bits a.s.f.?

Sorry not to be able to give You more help but hope this was helpfull

Wish You good luck!
Yours sincerely,

Re: interface FTDI ttyUSB0
But if you used Windows, you would have time for a
life...........................and little league games too.


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