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does anyone know an easy embedded project? I haev a couple nice p166mhz
boards and I'm looking for things to do with them.

Re: embedded project
Well, yes.  I just spend $9 on a WinModem that works
with Asterisk, the open source PBX.  I set up my
computer to be an intelligent answering machine
since it does caller ID.  The modem chip is made by
Ambient which was acquired by Intel.

Asterisk has a simple equivalent of a CGI for advanced
stuff, but I was thinking of building a literal maze
with voicemail.  You'd navigate by pressing the digits
on the calling phone.

Anyway, just a idea.

If you do something neat, please think about writing
an article for it.  I'd be glad to host the article
on http://www.linuxtoys.org .

good luck,
Bob Smith

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