devices inode???

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    I am a newbie for Linux.
I was reading a linux device drivers book.
I was raeading about character devices and network interfaces.

It was told that unlike character/block devices which has a corresponding
entry in a file system (/dev/tty1...), network interface isn't mapped easily
to a node in a file system(they do not have a corresponding entry in the
filesystem) eventhough an unique name(such as eth0) is given to them.!

Can anyone tell what is the reason behind that???


Re: devices inode???

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The reason that I can think of is that the file system operations are not
relevant in the context of network interfaces hence they are not tereated
as  a file.


OT: devices inode???


Sorry to drop in off topic, but your charset is set to iso885915. I think
that should be iso8859-15, (Latin 9).
Dave Clarke

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