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Has anyone used a CF modem card successfully?  I am trying to use a Socket
56K CF Modem Card.  The system recognizes the card, but when I try to open
/dev/tts/2 I get an error saying that it doesn't exist.  I assume I can open
it as a normal serial port using open("/dev/tts/2",...).
I hope someone can help.  This is the last big hurdle (I hope) that we need
to get over.
We are using 2.4.27-vrs1 on an AT91RM9200.

Re: CF Modem Cards
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I don't know specifically about embedded uses, but I'm positive this has
already been done with PDAs such as the Zaurus.  Just hit Google and you
should find tons of stuff; I was recently looking up similar info about
CompactFlash 802.11b and GPRS modems.


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