can anybody help

Hi all, I am getting the following warning while compiling the driver

static DEVICE_ATTR(sd_host_version,S_IRUGO,show_sd_host_version,NULL);

warning:initializing from incompitable pointer type.

whats wrong i am doing here can anyone help me in removing this warning.

I believe because of this when i am calling


sd_host_version is never getting called.

i will be very much thankful for any kind of help.

Regards Nayan

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Has "show_sd_host_version()" the correct parameters and return type?

Maybe it could be a good idea to see what the precompiler builds from this macro usage. Simply run a (in your kernel source tree)

$ make where/your/driver/is/your_driver.i

and take a look into the generated "where/your/driver/is/your_driver.i" whats built.


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Juergen Beisert

Thanks for your help. I tried to check the result after issuing the command as you suggested $ make sdhost.i i am getting the following result make: *** No rule to make target 'sdhost.i'. Stop.

following is the defination of function "show_sd_host_version()"

static ssize_t show_sd_host_version(struct device *pDevice,char

*pBuff) { PSD_HOST pSdHost = (PSD_HOST)pDevice->driver_data:

return print_dev_t(pBuff,pSdHost->; }

Regards Nayan

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formatting link
select "identifier search", enter "DEVICE_ATTR" and hit "Find". Chose one of the location where this macro is used and take a look how others do it. For 2.6.25 I found:

ssize_t function (struct device *dev, struct device_attribute *attr, char


So this may explain the warning your compiler emits.


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Juergen Beisert

Thank you very much JB . Now that problem is coming.

another problem that i am facing is when i am trying to load sdhost module that time i am getting the following message.

sdhost: no version for "unregister_sd_host_device" found: kernel tainted.

while at the time of unloding the sdhost module unregister_sd_host_device() is getting called properly there is no problem at all.

i checked the symbol table file also there i am able to see the exported unregister_sd_host_device() function

unregister_sd_host_device() is defined in the sdbus module and from there i am exporting this function by using EXPORT_MODULE

while the same message is not coming for the register_sd_host_device().

i will be very much thankfull for any kind of help.


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