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Hi, I am using Orcad 10.3 version to draw the hierarchical schematics. I am facing problem while generating the allegro netlist. The netlist is generated ...but in the end it shows following error:

************************************************ Loading...allegro/pstchip.dat Loading...allegro/pstchip.dat Loading...allegro/pstxprt.dat Loading...allegro/pstxnet.dat Error: Line 9 in file allegro/pstxnet.dat: Reference designators inconsistent in xprt and xnet files Detected in function: pstFindInstByOldPathName Error: Line 9 in file allegro/pstxnet.dat: Error loading the net list file Detected in function: ddbLoadPstXFiles #35 Error [ALG0036] Unable to read logical netlist data. ************************************************ I am unable to debug this error. Can anybody give me some clues or directions?
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As this is a commercial package wouldn't the vendor be the best people to ask about these errors. They may request copies of the files you are having problems with but they should come up with a solution to your problem reasonably swiftly.

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Yes - run the DRC (design rules check) *before* trying to generate a netlist.


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