building toolchain i386 - ld can't find crti.o

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i tried to compile a toolchain for my i386. i followed the instructions
of bill gatliff ( ). all worked
quite fine. except, i had to add the option "--disable-threads" at "6.3
building the bootstrap cross compiler" and at "6.5 building a complete
cross compiler" (there was no pthread.h). i'm afraid, this was a

because at the last point (6.5), ld coud not find the file crti.o! how
can I force ld to find this file?

actually, i do not need a c++ compiler. i like c programming and i
think i can go without a c++ compiler. can i forget the last point?

i used these packages:
gcc-4.1.1. (and the gcc-4.1.0-4.1.1.diff)
target: i386-linux

please help me, thanks a lot

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